What happens if there is any damage to my drive carrying my recovered data? Do I need to pay again for data recovery?

We keep a backup of your recovered data for 7 days. In case there is any damage to your data storage carrier during transit, we can copy your data at no additional cost.

Can you repair my hard drive and restore data on it?

No, we do not repair hard drives. We only provide data recovery services. You need to give us an external drive to copy your data.

I cannot visit your premises for data verification. How will I verify my data after recovery?

You can verify your data remotely. We can give you the access through Team Viewer, and you can verify your file listing and raw data. You can also ask questions during remote verifications. Our data recovery experts will be available to help you in verifying your data as well. Data Verification process usually takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour. You need to ensure your availability during this session and we would request your complete attention during the verification process to avoid any confusion.

How do you deliver my data?

Your data will be delivered to you in an external storage device like pen drive, external hard drive etc.

My data is very personal, I cannot expose it to anyone. What are

We are an certified organization. We have all the processes and procedures in place to ensure that your data is completely safe and secure. Our Data Recovery process is foolproof and within our Data Recovery Lab. Biometric controls are installed within the Data Recovery Lab to ensure no unauthorized person can visit the lab. No electronic devices like mobile phones, pen drives, memory cards etc. are allowed within the lab. Your data is completely safe and secure, and data privacy is 100% guaranteed within our premises.

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